About Shopper’s Shield

Why Shopper’s ShieldTM?

Shopping cart handles are dirty. Dozens of people touch them every day. Some of those people might have a cold or flu. Some might not wash their hands as often as they should. The handles rarely get cleaned. In fact, studies have found dangerous pathogens, including E. coli and salmonella, living on the majority of shopping cart handles.

Shopper’s ShieldTM is a simple cover that snaps over your shopping cart handle to minimize your chances of coming into contact with these pathogens. It’s made from flexible PVC plastic, which makes it easy to put it on and take it off without  touching the inside surface. 

Many stores provide disinfecting wipes at the entrance so you can wipe down your cart handle before shopping. The problem is those wipes take at least 3-5 minutes (and sometimes longer) to kill germs, meaning you shouldn’t touch the cleaned surface until it dries completely. By that time, you’re already through the produce aisle and heading towards the deli counter.

Shopper’s ShieldTM is easy to use without touching the shopping cart handle thanks to the flexible plastic design. It’s also easy to clean -  simply use wipes , spray disinfectant, or wash with soap & hot water. Keep it with your reusable grocery bags or in the trunk of your car so you never shop without it!


Meet the Founder

Cheryl Harris has been a professional cleaner for 30 years, a career that has left her acutely aware of the invisible places bacteria lurk. After years of awkwardly using plastic bags and store ad circulars to avoid touching shopping cart handles, she created the Shopper’s ShieldTM to help protect herself and others from unnecessary contact with germs.